Word Market 2 App Reviews

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Not as easy as it seems

This is fun. Looks so easy but getting all the words is trickier than it seems at first! Keep saying “of course” to myself when I finally get a word that just wouldn’t come to mind!

Love 💗

This game is awesome 👏🏻

Fun game

Good way to pass time

Fun and fair

I like it!

Word market 2

Love it

Good word game

I like the layout of this game. And it starts easy and progresses onward, like it's many Word Game Cousins.

Simple fun

Easy and fun

Easy but Fun

Great way to kill time while the entire neighborhoods kids are running around the house screaming at the top of their lungs. Total madness!


I like this game! Not too hard

Cute game


Great game

I enjoy playing

Great Game

Awesome word play, keeps your brain working!

Really great

Love it

Fun word game

Addictive word game-can't put it away!

fun fun fun

fun little addictive game


Easy like it

Come back to the game

I go away from this game for awhile, but miss it so much, I always come back. You will too.



Love it! Love it! Love it!

Easy to play! Fun and rewarding! Can install other games from this one for additional coins.

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